Lately, it seems like Karrueche Tran has been going through a lot involving her ex -boyfriend Chris Brown. From getting into fights with his ex-bae Rihanna to Chris once leaving her for Rih, embarrassing her over social media and calling her out at concerts, she’s literally been getting back to back heart-ace from Chris. From the outside looking in, it looked as such a dysfunctional relationship which left many still wondering why she continued to go back to him each and every time.

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Well now Iyana Vanzant has got a hold of her and they are leaving no rock unturned. In the preview of “Iyana Fix My Life”, Iyana sits down with Karrueche and says:

“He betrayed you,” she told Tran. “He lied to you. He did it all publicly.”


Reportedly the conversation got pretty heated and eventually Tran kicked Iyana and the OWN crew out of her home. She agreed to do the interview if the interview was would be positive but when Vanzant hit her with questions about why she would date Brown after his domestic dispute with Rihanna, if she slept with him because he’s famous and challenged her about taking him back after he cheated, Tran was feeling some type of way about being asked those things and threw Vanzant out. Hours later, she invited them back in and continued with the interview.

Boy, I have literally been counting down the days till she makes her next move. She broke up with Chris ’bout a week ago’ and now she’s now trying to “fix her life”. What’s wrong with being low she that devastated by the disrespect that has been occurring for more than 3 years from the relationship. Do you think that it could be a possibility that she can’t just move on or has she become so popular that she can’t really function without the fame? Ether way, we will be finding out very soon what’s going through her head. That alone will be a popcorn worthy.

This exclusive “Iyana Fix My Life” interview will be airing Saturday March 28 and 8pm.

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)