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Back in the early 2000’s when BET actually had hourly music television shows, one of the more popular show’s was “Rap City Tha Basement“. Rap City’s host Big Tigger would interview the artist that would appear on the show that day, then later on go in the booth with them and spit a freestyle. To one’s surprise, Tigger wasn’t bad at all. He often made rappers step their bars up in the booth, because nobody wanted to be shown up in a freestyle by the host. Tigger rapping in the booth with your favorite rapper was by far the most exciting part of the show. In the booth on Rap City it was either put up or shut up. Many have stopped by to kick a freestyle with Tigger, we’ve compiled a list of the most memorable freestyles on Rap City.



-Darius Hawkins (@Dee_Hawkie)

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