Was it a goaltending or not? Many believed that it wasn’t, but the refs saw different in which SMU is knocked out of the tourney….talk about PRACTICE!?!

Day 1 of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been filled with some jaw dropping soul snatching plot twisting events in which many fans are questioning if they can’t take anymore unforeseeable moments. With bubble teams getting the opportunity to show fans that they belong in the field of 68, there were squads struggling to hang with the pack and there were teams proving that they belong with the best of the best. In some cases, it takes a certain call made by the referees to help being pushed through into the next round. If you think otherwise, just took a look at exhibit A, in which today’s match up of #11 seed UCLA Bruins went up against the #6 seed SMU Mustangs.

In a very close and highly competitive game, SMU were leading 59-57 with 13 seconds left in the game. UCLA has possession of the ball when guard Bryce Alford throws up a contested desperation three. As the ball was hanging in the air, many people felt that it was falling so short from the rim that it was going to be a air ball. One of those who believed that was SMU center Yanick Moreira as he skyed over everyone for a rebound attempt near the basket. Thinking he successfully grabbed the rebound, the referees blew the whistle and decided to call goaltending violation on the 23 year old center, resulting of 3 more points rewarded to the Bruins. After reviewing the play, the call stands. SMU got possession of the ball in which they raced down to fire up a two three point shot attempts in which the last one grazed the rim and game was over. UCLA upset SMU 60-59 and advance to the 3rd round in which they were led by Bryce Alford who knocked down 9 three pointers while finishing the game with 27 points. After the game was over with, many people took to twitter to express how shocked and disappointed they were at the referees who made the call.


Ranked #20 in the regular season, Larry Brown‘s SMU Mustangs were on a lot of college basketball experts radar heading into March Madness. Many people believed that they were one of the squads to look out for to make some major noise en route to do the unthinkable and come out as national champions. Fresh off of a American Athletic Conference championship win, SMU definitely did not see this upset knocking at their door when in actuality, there were suppose to do the upsetting themselves. Check out the controversial play that had coach Larry Brown’s squad heading back to Texas early than expected. Even though the refs made to what the public believed was a terrible call, SMU was suppose to finish the game strong and wasn’t suppose to let UCLA give them some kind of light to breakthrough. I bet Allen Iverson see why Larry emphasized a lot about…..PRACTICE!




Omari White

Day 1 of March Madness has definitely lived up to the name. The most incredible time of the year, college basketball brings out the fan of any and everyone. When Omari is not lighting it up like Splash Brother Curry or putting his defenders on skates like Kyrie Irving, he is on Twitter scoffing about the players who are dominating, what teams may get upsetted and who will be this year’s cinderella squad. Go follow him @SmooveGuyO and check his timeline out.