Russell Simmons is embarking in his second theatrical venture.

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Simmons is a mogul who has made major contributions to expand Hip Hop into a cultural phenomenon with the Def Jam brand. He is now taking his talents back to Broadway. The first time was during the Def Poetry Jam in 2002, and now he will be co-producing a Hip Hop musical titled “The Scenario”.

“The Scenario” will address sociopolitical challenges early Hip-Hop faced with a side love storyline. Simmons is not sure about which artists will be apart of the production, but it will most likely be Def Jam artists. Simmons told the New York Times:


“It would be nice to have some ‘Raising Hell’ in there,” he said, referring to the 1986 Run-DMC album that he co-produced. “But it’s driving me crazy. There’s so much music — Kurtis Blow to Kanye West.”

Simmons has a lot of work to do selecting artists considering the Def Jam roster–former and current–is too long to even list. He also told the New York Times “I’ve never been so sure about anything I’ve produced in my entire life.” Sounds like he’s cooking up something good. The musical is scheduled to drop in 2016. Would you go see this?

– Ebbony P (@miss2bees)