Almost everyone owns a pair of Sperry Top-Sider shoes.

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Whether you have them in the classic boat show or the fairly new sneaker silhouette, the Sperry brand is iconic in american households. Everyone from your grandpa to your baby sister may own a pair. This american classic however got a surprise makeover with Sperry introducing their newest collaboration with artist and photographer, Gray Malin. Guests flocked to the Sperry store on 5th avenue as they unveiled the collaboration with Malin.

The collaboration features a mix of boat shoes and sneakers with prints range from a fun festive splatter to a portrait of a beach resort. You can tell the collection was inspired by Malin’s love for the beach as each piece had a fun personality to it. The collection is available for purchase now online or in stores directly. The boat shoes are a breezy $88.00 USD while the sneakers are at a cool $75.00. Be on the lookout for the collaboration and wear a staple of American ingenuity.