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Not so smart, Marcus…

The NBA isn’t known for being a dirty league, but every now and then, these things happen. During Friday night’s Celtics vs Spurs game, Boston rookie Marcus Smart was caught punching San Antonio’s Matt Bonner in the groin, while Bonner attempted to set a screen. Smart was given a flagrant-2 foul and ejected from the game.


Following the game, Smart told reporters the swing was an accident. “Like I told [Bonner], I wasn’t trying to intentionally do it, because if I was, obviously he wouldn’t have come at me the way he did. It was just something that was just a freak accident- inadvertent arm that happened to connect.”

However, Celtics coach Brad Stevens wasn’t so naive. “From my standpoint, it looks like an unacceptable play,” Stevens said. “You can’t do that. Simple as that.”

The Spurs won the game 101-89. Because the NBA reviews all flagrant-2 fouls, Smart could potentially be fined or suspended by the league.

– Matt Aceto (@RRprez)