The first day of spring is here, and you know what that means:  Those who suffer with allergies are in for a hard season ahead. 

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Just a few days ago, at the Houston Hall in Greenwich Village, a spring kick-off party was a welcomed event, after such a hard winter in NYC. Walking inside the venue, you walk into such a warm-feeling environment.  The entire room was filled with lilys on each hard wood table, bright green plants located below the stage and tables, and cherry blossom trees that stood tall on each side of the venue, creating quite the visual effect for sanitation department workers to walk into.   As the anticipation began to rise for Kelly Rowland’s performance, everyone in the room was happy that the winter season is finally over.  

Before the performance, many guest speakers came and spoke to the audience about how people who suffer with allergies can better take care of themselves during the upcoming spring season, including Dr. Johnathan Field, who is apart of the counsel for Claritin.


Rocking her white, black, and blue lace long sleeve dress with black thigh high boots, Ms. Rowland made her way out to the stage. The audience was more than ecstatic to see her live after such a cold snowy scene outside. She briefly spoke about her experience with using Claritin and how, without Claritin, she wouldn’t feel as great as she does.

Kelly wowed with a stage presence that was unlike any other.  She kicked off the exclusive live performance with “When Loves Takes Over,” produced by David Guetta.  That tune had the audience jumping with excitement.  During her performance, she walked down the stairs into the audience, to keep engaging with her mesmerized audience.

Before she leaves the stage, Kelly gracefully thanked The New York Department of Sanitation for their enormous help in keeping the city moving. She also thanked Claritin for producing the product she uses consistently. Walking off the stage, she yells out “Spring Time!” and heads behind the big black curtain.

After this exclusive performance, it’s safe to say even with a 4-month year old baby, Kelly is not a force to be messed with. Nor are allergies, which is why there’s Claritin.

Check out the footage from the performance & photos of the event space below.

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)