MixRadio, the United Nations and a long list of singers have teamed up to bring audiences an inspirational international playlist.

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This feel-good playlist will be compiled by artists and listeners around the globe, sharing songs that bring them joy. The list of singers who are  contributing to the playlist include Britney Spears, Cody Simpson, Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, Charli XCX, Pharrell Williams, Michael Douglas, Groove Armada, John Legend and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. To contribute to or stream the “#HappySoundsLike” playlist click here and find out which other international artists have joined in on the fun. Below is a list of the artists, the songs they’ve chosen and why it makes them happy.

  • Britney Spears – Kiss by Prince – “Can’t help but get up and dance to this song. And dancing always makes me happy!”
  • Cody Simpson – Mambo No.5 by Lou Bega – “Happiness comes with simple things – family and friends”
  • Charlize Theron – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay – “I love Coldplay’s music, the emotional intention and depth of their songs is really beautiful but ‘Every Teardrop…’ in particular is so uplifting– it’s a happy anthem to remind us to turn the music up, live in the moment and dream hopefully for tomorrow so that our hopes and dreams become reality!” https://twitter.com/CharlizeAfrica/status/578267778290831360
  • John Legend – Got To Give It Up by Marvin Gaye – “because ‘the beat is so infectious and fun'”
  • Nicole Scherzinger – Three Little Birds by Bob Marley – “makes me feel like I’m back home in the islands, it grounds me and is a feel-good, uplifting song”
  • Charli XCX – Say You’ll Be There by the Spice Girls
  • UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, chose Stevie Wonder’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered, because it addresses issues regarding those “suffering from poverty, human rights abuses, humanitarian crises, and the effects of environmental degradation and climate change.”
  • Tinie Tempha – Shout by Isley Brothers – “This song makes me feel Euphoric. If I could put happiness into a song as an emotion this would be the perfect example!”



-Nishat Baig