Just 3 months ago, news broke that the founder of A$AP Mob, A$AP Yams, passed away. For months, no one knew the exact cause of his death, and until now, no one from the A$AP Mob has spoken publicly about the death.

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A$AP Rocky talked to The New York Times, and recounts the night his friend passed away which still weighs heavy on his heart. Rocky recalls asking Yams to go to rehab in order to break his drug addiction, and mentions that after getting high on a plane ride, A$AP Yams had to be taken off the plane in a wheelchair. That is the moment when Rocky realized that enough was enough.

“He always had a struggle with drugs,” Rocky says. “That was his thing.” Rocky first confronted Yams about his drug problem in 2011 but soon after that, Yams began trying to keep it private from everyone including Rocky.


“I caught him a bunch of times, but he would still hide it,” Rocky says. “He was kind of private about it. He didn’t want his mom to know. He didn’t want me to know.”

The night of A$AP Yams’ death, A$AP Lou brought to A$AP Rocky’s attention that something was wrong. They found Yams asleep in a bed full of vomit.

“I was wilding on everybody,” Rocky said, “like, ‘Who let him do drugs?,’ even though you can’t blame nobody.”

When news first broke about Yams death, A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ant had both denied the speculation that Yams died of a drug overdose. Earlier this month, the cause of death was announced to be “acute mixed drug intoxication.”

You can read Rocky’s full NYT interview here.

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

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