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Gang protocol takes precedent over an otherwise simple classroom interaction.

While in class, an alleged gang member can be seen addressing another student writing on the board. In the video clip, which you can see above, he approaches the classmate and asks, “What is  that?” Another student can be heard in the background saying “Why is it in blue? He tells his classmate, “Erase all of that,” and begins to erase the blue markings on the board. The alleged gang member walks away and tells him to  “Do it correctly.”


The student writing on the board puts down the blue marker down and writes in black instead. The alleged gang member responds by throwing up a sign and says, “Su-Wu,” a reference commonly used by the Bloods.

The video is disturbing, and the alleged member of the Bloods gang interferes with another student’s learning before simmering down. The classmate in question was clearly fearful for his life, and school is suppose to be a safe haven, not a place to be fearful or intimidated.

-Victoria B. (@unabashedlytori)


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  • Nick says:

    White people are so fucking scared of everything. How can you not tell how hard he’s fucking with this kid?

  • Nicole says:

    The kid recording it makes the first POS kid change from “correctly” to “borrectly”. This is corny AF. Boy – this ain’t 1985 and you ain’t Ice Tea. Give up the color bullshit.

  • Ltowndan says:

    telling someone to change the color of their ink, shit chill out Don Corleone

  • John says:

    First of all, the “student” was a substitute teacher, and how would you know the student was “clearly fearful for his life”? Do you need a trampoline? Because you guys love jumping to conclusions.

  • Mel says:

    He should have took that blue marker and stuck it up his ass hole and told him he can write with whatever fucking color he feel like writing with.

    • Sean says:

      Thank you for actually sayin something TRUE about this bullshit! Fuck what these other dipshits have been sayin, actin like this dumb ass retarded lil’ faggot piece of dog shit, gonna end up dead or in jail ass lil’ gangbanger did was actually ok or somethin!! 🙂

  • daryl says:

    I would have just ha to knock his ass out and shove the blue marker up his ass . Wtf is up with today’s youth? And people wonder why the police act the way they do some of my people are idiots.

  • Sean says:

    All you dumb ass ignorant mf’s who somehow believe that what this retarded ass, piece of fucking dog shit, low life, worthless lil’ crack dealin, gonna end up in prison or dead ass punk faggot lil’ “gangbanger” did was somehow ok, or that he somehow didn’t do anything wrong by intimidating that poor kid whether his was black, white, green or orange, is absolutely as fucking RETARDED as that punk kid was and is!!! You people with your dipshit little comments are absolutely unbelievable!!!

  • That monkey would’ve got 5 shots in the dome the second I hear a grunt come out of his fuckin smelly mouth

  • Landy ferreira says:

    bK fucc dat slobK ass ni30a i would’ve slapped the shit outta that ni30a on my mama CRIIIP GAN3 OR DONT bKANG

  • mike says:

    The dude making him erase it has a red belt on lol

  • bigez says:

    Sadly their is a psychological allegence to a color, red or blue, which limits everything yet while in prison it is erased for a greater cause. Ultimately it supports a fact that its time to move forward towards something real; poverty, lack of jobs, new black leadership…

  • Mike says:

    I don’t understand why the source is perpetuating foolishness? This isn’t media coverage. This is nonsense and if your going to use content to monetize from ad clicks then you should be responsible and post what the source is known to post. Credible hip hop culture stories not class room children gang members. I expect better Source!!

  • Derek says:

    Fuck what color you bangin’ for. If that’s the color you choose then stick with it, don’t think everyone gonna do it too. And if you think you hard cuz of the attempt to have someone that doesn’t give a shit about gangs change how they’re writing, you a pussy your damnself. Quit gang bangin’ part time, waiting until the bell rings for you to hit the streets. If you have the option to get an education you should take it, don’t fuck up the other kids there trying to better their life cuz you’re an ass hole.

  • Sarah says:

    c’mon now, it was obviously a joke. Out here in New York we joke around when it comes to crips and bloods, we’re mocking the gang members, not trying to be like them lol. We know who is actually gang affiliated and who isnt.
    In addition, the kid was in no way fearing for his life, everyone knew it was a joke. The media likes to take everything out of proportion smh…

  • keith says:

    go back to the zoo you came from monkey