The parents of Ezell Ford, mentally ill man who was fatally shot by LAPD last sum­mer, have filed a new wrong­ful death law­suit in state court Friday

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A new lawsuit has been filed in California’s state court by the family of police shooting victim Ezell Ford, against the LAPD demanding a jury trial. The allegations outlined in Friday’s lawsuit are similar to claims Edsell and Tritobia Ford made in the federal lawsuit they filed last fall in connection with the death of their son on August 11, 2014. The state suit alleges that the actions of the two LAPD officers who shot Ford were “motivated” by the fact that Ezell was Black, and their…

Prejudice, disdain and contempt for African Americans or persons of black skin tone.”


Attorneys could not be reached for the officers identified by the LAPD as, Sharlton Wampler an Asian American, and Antonio Villegas who is Latino. Both lawsuits claim that the LAPD and the city of Los Angeles were negligent in “hiring, training, or failing to supervise” the officers. The two officers involved have been assigned to desk duties as the investigation continues.

There is nothing in the coroner’s report that is inconsistent with the statements given to us by the officers.”
-Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck

25-year-old Ford was shot three times, including once in the back, two days after the death of Missouri police shooting victim Michael Brown. The back wound was surrounded by a muzzle imprint, Ford’s autopsy report shows. Ezell was unarmed, and according to the family and neighbors he was mentally ill.

Ezell Ford was subjected to an excessive amount of force where he had committed no criminal act, engaged in no suspicious criminal activity and was seized without probable cause.”
– (Ezell Ford lawsuit)

-Infinite Wiz(@InfiniteWiz)