We should’ve seen the pattern here, how could Klassik not follow up with a Summer EP, after the releases of Winter and Spring. This follow up definitely shows Klassik mission to be recognized and respected in the industry. Summer is totally unique, incredibly ambitious and with a message that is utterly important. The brilliance and importance of the Summer EP is that it’s almost impossible to describe. If you want radio-friendly hits about sex, money, and clubbing, this isn’t the album for you.

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However, if you want a socially conscious album – permeated with the spirit of music, blending multiple genres for change in an unfair world, this is it. He isn’t going to let doubts stop him from making groundbreaking music and it’s never been more apparent that he’s doing just that and prepared to stride past any and all obstacles. The leader of the “should be known” has done it again. While he already has been making a mark, his third EP displays his steady climb. Klassik continues to prove his growth as an artist and continues to be true to himself as well as not being stagnant, separating himself from his peers. His respect for jazz, R&B, funk and 90s Hip-Hop is impeccable, which has helped play a pivotal role in pushing past his boundaries as an artist. Klassik uses as an instrument in itself, making him very versatile and giving him a great ear for production. Every listen sounds fresher than the last. The use of a variety of flows and playing different characters truly make up for the lack of features. Summer isn’t just an album, it is a pure narrative that grasps your attention and invites the listeners to share their own thoughts which makes it such a beautiful body of work.

The Summer EP is the third of four EP releases in Klassik’s SEASONS series.


Take a listen below.