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Virginia family tells “Fox & Friends” how they pulled their daughter from school after ‘Black Lives Matter’ event

Fox News’ morning show “Fox & Friends” interviewed two White Virginia parents, Rebecca and Charles, who were outraged because their 8-year-old daughter’s school district held a Black History Month ‘Black Lives Matter’ event. The parents complain that the gathering seemed to show support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other protests aimed at police brutality that have been making headlines over the past several months.


Everywhere that we looked were students, high school students, wearing shirts that said ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘I Can’t Breathe’; as I was flipping through my program it had ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’.”
-Rebecca (Mother)

Charles wanted to yank his daughter from the auditorium immediately, but his wife thought it was best to at least let her stay long enough to sing with her school’s choir.

Students started coming out on stage saying things like, ‘I’m from Ferguson, Missouri. I was told to put my hands up. I did and I was shot seven times. My name is Michael Brown’. I immediately realized that this was not something that was a good idea for my daughter to be seeing.”

After the event, Rebecca and Charles’ daughter asked why cops shoot “good people”. Charles is a police detective, and felt extremely uneasy about having to explain his position to his daughter. Both parents are outraged that they were put into the position to speak to their child about racism and are now seeking an apology from the school district.

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  • I can understand where the parents are coming from being that this was an elementary school event. Kids that age can’t really comprehend complex situations that have been going on in this country for decades. They have tunnel vision at this point in their lives and don’t understand the truth behind police brutality the concept of systematic oppression. This kind of event would be best for high schools and maybe middle schools where kids are better informed and can absorb certain ideals and messages. Still I wonder how the father answered his daughter’s questions…

    • listen ESAU it was highschool and how do we explain to our kids about slavery,segregation and blacks not having any rights! Orange county VA is full of racism,the kkk and allot of racial profiling so to all you who wasnt there or dont know WTF your talking about needs to keep your mouths shut!

  • WHITE parent says:

    This article is complete crap. Even the headline is garbage. Seriously, did you even watch the entire video? How does it feel fueling more racism and hate? These WHITE parents, let’s not forget to include their skin color, are upset, solely because this material was not age appropriate. These kids are in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and were expected to recite a VIOLENT play, in which a man got shot multiple times.. WITHOUT parental consent. Yeah, I would be mad too. Their concerns had nothing to do with skin color or Black History Month, but with the violence and this little girl questioning her Father’s character, because of his profession. YOOOU are what’s wrong with the Media today.

  • joycepuis says:

    the way the show was put on was not about black pride but about black racisim. which in its self is racist. read the article. the parents are asses but the school was teaching a bad lession and i feel both sides are in the wrong. you dont want to teach racism either way.

  • elizabeth says:

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck showing her true racist colors since leaving the view.