Oakland police have arrested four suspects for the murder of Chyemil Pierce, mother killed in March 9 gang shootout

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Oakland police arrested three 29-year-olds last week during the investigation in the death of 30-year-old Chyemil Pierce. Suspects are Shelton McDaniels, Jerry Harbin arrested on suspicion of murder, and Kiechelle Wilright. Wilright was arrested on suspicion of being an accessory to murder, but she was later released.

Last Thursday the first suspect 19-year-old Anthony Sims was in court, and he didn’t enter a plea; his case is continued this week. Sims was arrested in his hospital bed where he was recovering from a gunshot wound suffered in the alleged gang-related shootout March 9. Police say Sims admitted to being involved in the shootout in West Oakland, that killed mother Chyemil Pierce as she returned home from work escorting her two children from school.


Police Lt. Roland Holmgren said,

Sims was one of several people who opened fire, leaving the street strewn with bullet casings from many different guns. Sims was also injured in the gunfight along with one other person and was arrested at the hospital after he was treated for the gunshot wound.”

At least one of the guns that was used in the shooting has been recovered, but he declined to say whether it was used to kill Pierce.

Many West Oakland residents say they are upset about Oakland police’s response to 911 calls. According to reports, a neighbor called police 13 minutes before Pierce was shot. The neighbor warned the 911 dispatcher that a dispute was escalating near a house that has been the subject of numerous police visits.

Police didn’t respond to the neighborhood warnings until dispatchers got several calls about shots fired in the area. While Oakland police say they didn’t respond to the initial call because there was no mention of any weapons.

In the audio below, medics report that Pierce had been shot in the back of the head and was unresponsive. Pierce wasn’t the only victim in the brawl that turned deadly as it’s reported over 50 shots were fired. This case is still under investigation, and no further details are available.

Lt. Holmgren, with the Oakland Police Department, said it was all connected to a violent gang feud in the neighborhood.

Senseless gun violence and at the end of it a woman who has nothing to do with it, who is doing nothing more than trying to get her children to safety loses her life and the children lose their mother.”

-Infinite Wiz (@InfiniteWiz)