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Reconciliation is something that didn’t seem possible for these ladies, but have they finally reached a breakthrough point?!

Here’s’s recap from Season 7 Episode 18!

1. Last week NeNe Leakes set up a counseling session with all the girls and Dr. Jeff. After being placed on the hot seat first, things heated up very quickly. The moment everyone started telling NeNe how they felt about some of her actions, she decided to leave the session. Dr. Jeff tried his best to bring NeNe back, but after she hit him with her car door (unintentionally), there was no hope for her coming back.


2. The rest of the girls were able to come to some kind of mutual understanding with each other after NayNay exited the building. Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore were even able to apologize to each other and make attempts to move on. Kandi Burruss got a little uneasy when discussing her friendship with Phaedra Parks. Phaedra should have tried to make it to the session since she told almost everyone in the group about her friendship issues besides Kandi.

3. Despite what people may think, Phaedra Parks is really being strong and holding her own in light of her martial situation. Sarah Jakes, Bishop T.D. Jakes daughter, can really relate to Phaedra after all of her life choices and marital issues. Going to see a divorce lawyer is hard, but Ms. Parks must do what she has to in order to protect herself and her children.

4. Kenya is putting her producing and writing skills to the test with the creation of a show called “Life Twirl’s On” The show sounds very Kenya-like, but she may need to help Cynthia with her Jamaican accent if she is going to take part in the production. Leon, Cynthia’s ex, even has a role in the show. It’s so cute to Leon and Cynthia together. They seem to have a very good chemistry even after all these years.

5. Claudia’s relationship with her cat is the funniest thing ever. The two of them have a real love/hate thing going on. Whoever has been styling Claudia these last few episodes is slaying the game.

6. Thanks to Claudia and Porsha, the ladies are planning a trip to Manila, which is in the Philippines, so they can work out their issues and try to have fun. Hopefully this won’t end like their previous trips.

Will these ladies be able to come together as a group and not re-enact the Thrilla in Manila? Find out next week at 8pm on BravoTV.

-Natalee J. Langley (@_naturallynat)