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Just how much did Iggy Azalea’s pen have to do with her biggest hit?

Much ink has been spilled over Iggy Azalea‘s “Fancy,” and whether or not it’s “cultural appropriation” should allow Iggy Azalea to be regarded as an official member of Hip-Hop culture, be nominated for rap Grammys, and a slew of other criticisms, some valid, some just outrageous.


Well, Hip-Hop purists may have just found their extra ammo.

During a “pop-up” Sway In The Morning at SxSW last week, Inglewood rapper Skeme, known most for his well-received Inglewood album, talked with Sway about being a ghostwriter, and the recognition it’s garnered him, including Grammy acknowledgement. Sway then begins to speak on an industry rumor he’d heard, which involved Skeme being a part of the writing process for “Fancy.” More specifically, it was the verses, not the chorus, that Skeme all but explicitly stated he’d had a hand in. At the 4-minute mark of the above clip, you can see Skeme squirm and try to get out of alluding to the fact that he wrote “Fancy,” but fail miserably.


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