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Yesterday it was reported that yet another female passed from receiving illegal butt injections at a salon in Dallas,Texas last month. Source Magazine journalist Courtney Brown first covered the dangerous epidemic almost 3 years ago in Issue #252 in her investigative article ‘The Bottom Line’.

Check out a few excerpts below from the now famous stripper-turned-author Vanity Wonder.

Do you worry about the consequences?

“I think about it everyday, I have 2 sons. I worry so much that a piece is going to travel to my heart and I’m going to die. That still doesn’t make me not do it. A lesson is a lesson whether it’s a big one or a small one, maybe I can teach someone else. I worry about it constantly. But I like how I look.”


What’s the plus side?

“That’s like saying there’s a plus side to smoking, or doing crack, or Ecstasy. At the time it feels good, but is it really good?…People love smoking and they lungs are black as h***, but they still smoke!” She explains that with beauty comes pain. Vanity agrees that transgender women have been accused of administering these shots since the 90’s. They even offer websites that offer do-it-yourself butt jobs complete with band aids, bandages and needles filled with a silicone type substances. Reports stated that women experienced purple urine, diarrhea, and lasting pain in their behinds and lumps that won’t go away. Vanity shares that the ‘shot lady’ sticks the needles into the buttocks, attaches the syringe, and slowly injects the thick gel substance into 20 to 30 spots per visit. It feels like fire.” She explains in her book.

“I was getting done so often I was literally getting it every 3 weeks, I wasn’t letting myself heal and it got infected, when its infected, balls of silicon are sitting up under your skin and to integrate, you have to massage it. My butt looked like a bag of oranges at one time.” She admits. “My white blood cells attacked the silicon and just encased it before it could get moving around right. I got some antibiotics, I let it heal and I asked my shot girl to shoot around these lumps and pull the rest of the butt out so it can match.”

How did you get to the size you are now?

“A lot of people think I went and asked for a big ass monster booty…no. Because it got infected I had no choice but to fill it with silicon until the things disappeared. I was trying to fix it. It came out of necessity. That’s how my butt got this big.”

Recently, Vanity expressed her interest in removing the silicone from her buttocks. She now feels that it may lessen her impact with the younger girls she tries to mentor.

“It’s very hypocritical to say [to them], ‘You’re fine without it, you don’t need it, you don’t need it,’ and then for me to walk around every day with it.”

—Stay tuned for more from Vanity and follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@VanityWonder)

-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)