Rest in peace to the victims.  

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TRENTON, N.J.– Officials say the off-duty New Jersey police officer behind the wheel of a car who was a part of the fatal wrong-way crash that killed another officer and a friend has had his driver’s license suspended for driving under the influence in the past.

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Motor Vehicle Commissioner spokeswoman Elyse Coffey says Linden Officer Pedro Abad had his license suspended for seven months back on Oct. 16, 2013. In that case, Abad was found driving under the influence and refused to take a chemical test. Abad was also was documented in using a cellphone while driving back in 2012. Abad was driving Friday when he, two other officers, and a friend crashed into a tractor-trailer in Staten Island. Investigators have applied for a warrant to test Abad’s blood-alcohol level. Abad remains in critical but stable condition.

Each and every day, news from this crash gets worse and worse.  Prayers to the families of the victims.

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)