The world famous DJ competition moves onto its second phase before the World Championships take place in London this October.

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DJs from all over the middle of the country will be flocking to Denver on Sunday for the next installment of the 2015 regional DJ Battles hosted by the legendary DMC.

The DMC championship has become the paradigm of turntablism success, boasting talent from A-Trak to Q-Bert, and displaying skill levels from a variety of ranges.  This year, much like others in recent times, technology has even become an addition to the shows, and participants bring the heat in all kinds of backgrounds, using new age controllers, MPCs, and good old-fashioned turntables.


The DMC is bringing out its top performers and sponsors, and as always, a showcase full of amazing DJs.  West Coast legend DJ Revolution will be playing and judging, as well as former DMC champ Chris Karns (previously known as DJ Vajra).  Teeko will also be appearing as a performer and a judge, and the panel is rounded off by DJ Chonz.

The event is hosted in partnership with Rane and Pioneer mixers at Casselmans on 2620 Walnut St Denver, CO 80205.  Winners of the competition move onto the next phase in preparation for the world championships.

DJs must register with Christie Z-Pabon by Saturday March 28th, at

Tickets are $10, and $15 on the day of competition. You can buy tickets here!

-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)