The state of Indiana is under a State of Emergency after an unexpected Outbreak of HIV hit Scott County hard. According to, the outbreak is believed to be from needle sharing opiate users and has already infected 72 people in the Southern Indiana county. It is believed that the outbreak began with seven known HIV patients in late January and then quickly spread.

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Governor Mike Pence declared a public of health emergency in the community Thursday. Pence says that the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention came to the county Monday with an “epidemic aid team” and began visiting people in the town. After visiting a few people in the town, it became clear that seven people from the area tested positive for HIV from dirty opiate needles and injections bringing the number to nearly 80. The CDC confirmed to Pence that the county is dealing with an epidemic.

The town which has a population of 4,200 has 80 people living with HIV in the town alone. The town which has a   poverty problem has been dealing with the spread of the virus for some time and many have been asking for help. Scott County has issues with dirty needles being seen on the roads and ditches and has a high number of people living with drug addictions.


Governor Pence is meeting with doctors and healthcare workers to discuss strategies to help with the spread of the disease.

“I don’t take this action lightly. It is built upon what the Indiana State Department of Health has been doing with the very capable healthcare provider community here in Scott County,” said Pence.

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