Well, damn!

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State police say they pulled over a car for speeding on Tuesday as it traveled south on Interstate 87, in the Warren County town of Queensbury. A dog was brought in to search the vehicle, which is normal procedure, and detected drugs. Troopers say that more than 900 individual bags of heroin, and a bag containing 12 grams worth of drugs were found inside the car. A 24-year-old women from Glens Falls and a 31-year-old man from Albany were both charged with a criminal possession of controlled substance.

Both are being held in the county jail for lack of bail.


Sometimes you really have to sit back and really think about the things you do before you do it. Did you really think that you would be able to cross state lines and not get pulled over for that? These two criminals are just not the brightest in the shed. Who drives above the speed limit and with the drugs in the car? All this amazing technology and you decide to do this. This was clearly an easy arrest.


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

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