If you missed Thursday’s episode of Scandal, called “Put a Ring On It,” you missed a goodie.

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Olivia is clearly still suffering from her kidnapping, as she has a reoccurring dream about her attempted escape, along with memories of her and Fitz, both the good and the bad. She has been separating herself from Fitz and Jake this season, but I’m hoping her and Fitz can rekindle soon.

Then, there’s breaking news reported of Cyrus’ gigalo-turned-pretend-boyfriend Michael cuddling up in a bar with another man, causing Liv to have to work for the White House again.  In an attempt to turn the negative attention into positive, she insists Cyrus and Michael get married as soon as possible with the support of the First Lady.  Having a White House wedding will ultimately help her with hopes of becoming senator.
Mellie had a thug life moment, letting her new fixer, Elizabeth, know “You are not me, you wish you were me, but you can’t be me!” Elizabeth tried to question her decision of working with Olivia and supporting a gay White House wedding.  Mellie had to remind her “You work for me. I’m in a position; you have a job!”  We all know she doesn’t play.
This episode, Shonda shared the long awaited history of Cyrus’ first marriage.  Last season, she revealed how he met his late husband, informing us he hadn’t openly dated men before knowing James. Cyrus and his best man were involved, using the term of “racket ball”  to describe their encounters.  After getting married, he said he didn’t want to play anymore. His true feelings became obvious and after 16 years of unhappiness, and feeling lonely, his wife asked him for a divorce.
With a gay marriage involving the number one non-believer & murderer, former Vice President Sally Langston made her first appearance this season, and she made her views known. Offering an award, she tried to expose Cy and Michael’s wedding as fraud. That ship slowly sailed after finding her late husband’s name (amongst many others) on Michael’s clients list. If she exposed Cy, her skeletons would be exposed as well.
Cyrus hated Michael after finding out his original intentions, and so we found them living on opposite sides of the house, and barely speaking. After seeing the lack of support from Michaels parents, and him having a breakdown, Cyrus didn’t want to push him further to the edge. The couple had a breakthrough, bringing them slightly closer.
The lesson I took from this episode is living to make yourself happy. Living a lie is the number one reason you won’t be!
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