3 months after R&B singer Teyana Taylor took over SOB’s in New York City before a sold out crowd and performed a few tracks off her debut album “VII” she performed for a sold out crowd once again at SOB’s

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Hours before her show even began last night, Teyana Taylor was found at SOB’s NYC selling her limited edition “Ewing 33 Hi Aloysius Fame & War” sneakers with collaborator and fellow New Yorker, Fabolous.

To build up the anticipation, Teyana had Harlem musician Brittney T. as an opening act; who performed a cover of Meek Mill’s “Monster”, Drake’s “Energy”, as well as an original song. At the end of her performance the crowd’s energy was high, and they were desperately seeking an appearance from Ms. Taylor.


Although there were no surprise appearances Teyana managed to command the crowd and keep their interest with songs from her debut album, along with her sexy dance moves of corse. Taylor and her background dancers performed in a red and black football themed wardrobe, in which she wore shoulder pads with leggings revealing her signature curves.

She opened the show with “Just Different”, then got into the fan favorites like: “Broken Hearted Girl” and “Maybe”, performed a slight cover of Janet Jackson’s “I Get So Lonely”, and called her boyfriend, NBA star Iman Shumpert and fellow R&B singer Mack Wilds to the stage for her to perform a lap dance. Teyana made sure to give her fans the time they deserved by performing nearly every song from her album.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you are a fan of Teyana Taylor, her live performance may sway your decision. Teyana’s crisp vocals, precise dance moves, stage presence, along with the presence of her live band made her show a truly memorable one. In the year 2015 it’s hard to find pure R&B artists, but I can assure you Teyana Taylor is just that. Check out her debut album “VII”, currently available in stores as well as iTunes.

-Chad Vill (@YungChad)