A Detroit mother is behind bars after the discovery of her two children were found in her deep freezer. An eviction order was sent to Michelle Angela Blair for unpaid rent, when authorities opened the deep freezer in her home, they discovered the body of 11-year-old Steven and 14-year-old Stony. Authorities are saying that the body of one of the children was in the freezer for two years. The other body was in the freezer for a year.

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Neighbors claim that they have not seen the children for some time and wondered what happened to them. It’s unknown how the children were killed but close friends of the suspect say that she took her children out of school because she always feared that something would happen to them. According to sources, Blair told her neighbor, Tori Childs that she had to kill Stony and Steven after discovering that they were sexually abusing her youngest son.

Authorities say that the kids show signs of torture but cannot determine how the children died.


– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

photo credit: madamenoire.com


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