Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have an awesome new project. 

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RiRi and JLo have stepped into a world of intergalactic creatures known as the Boov. These little blob-like creatures are searching for a new place to call home among the stars and planets. They arrive on Earth in an attempt to escape their mortal enemy who destroys the planets they inhabit. But in order to live on Earth, the Boov had to relocate the humans. An outcasted Boov, Oh, makes a fatal mistake that could destroy Boov-kind. He unexpectedly befriends Tip, voiced by Rihanna, who was separated from her mother and is searching for her. In a wild adventure, Tip teaches Oh the compassion that humans have for each other as well as some virtues that humans beings possess. Most importantly, Tip teaches Oh to be his own Boov and think outside of the box. Oh later on uses these traits that he learns from traveling with Tip to help resolve the conflict and misunderstanding with the Boov’s mortal enemy. Jennifer Lopez voices Lucy. She plays Tip’s mom. You can hear her original song for the film “Feel The Light” below:

The film discusses and demonstrates some of the traits that make us human. The Boov do not have families, so they do not understand the importance of love and the lengths people will go to find them. Through the plot and the characters, the film demonstrates the importance of family and caring for others. The touching scenes will teach children who are still learning these virtues the importance of love and caring for others. The characters will also teach the audience to think outside of the box. As a film for general audiences, the lessons taught are perfect for every age. These demonstrations of kindness and encouragement of individuality are great examples for younger children to follow. In a day in age where bullying is an issue, this film is a great example for demonstrating friendship and acceptance.
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