The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation is continuing its commitment to youth literacy in the local OKC community. 

Just one month after opening the second Russell’s Reading Room at Martin Luther King Elementary, and a few months after launching the first at North Highland Elementary, The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation has once again teamed up with Scholastic and Oklahoma City Public Schools to launch the third Russell’s Reading Room at Eugene Field Elementary School.

Russell’s Reading Room, filled with a total of 1,200 books for all ages, provides children access to books and a safe environment to read with friends. Russell and the Why Not? Foundation strive to improve lives of underprivileged urban youth. Westbrook has always promoted reading and education, but was especially excited about today’s opening saying: “Today is really cool, because not only am I opening the third Russell’s Reading Room, but the kids that are here today are the top readers in the Russell’s Reading Challenge from this school.  I love that I am able to give these kids access to books, encourage them to read, and better their future.”


Westbrook participated in a private ribbon-cutting ceremony and a closed reading session with the students, faculty, and some members of the media to introduce the latest Russell’s Reading Room.