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Last night on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the girls attempt to follow Dr. Jeff‘s instructions and make peace in the Philippines. Can the women finally have their first drama-free vacation and leave the past behind? Here are the Source’s favorite moments from Season 7 Episode 19!

1. After Nene Leakes temper tantrum at Dr. Jeff’s counseling session, she decides to pass on the ladies trip to the Philippines due to her blood clots and the torturous 18-hour flight. It’s definitely best she take care of her health but everyone expected Nene to cancel after their failed therapy session.

2. We enjoyed watching the ladies at the airport with their fabulous clothes and luggage. While we enjoy a comfortable sweatsuit for flights over 15 hours, Porsha Williams advises ladies to wear their best threads at international airports because its flocked with men (and their money). Ok Porsha… Besides her $10,000 worth of Louis Vuitton luggage, she definitely could take tips from Kandi Burress who is married, wealthy and very humble.



3. It was hard to watch Nene struggle through her lines for ‘Cinderella’. She definitely seemed nervous and needed a lot more practice with her lines. Bravo to Nene for conquering her fears and following her dreams.

4. The other ladies all arrive at their Drama-free, vegan, no alcohol resort. The picturesque Philippines and a little yoga can go a far way to help the girls with their anger issues. Claudia decides to offer Phaedra Parks the best room because of all the things she’s been going through. It’s nice to see Claudia Jordan attempt to bring the girls together and make peace with women who constantly bicker at each other. Can’t we all just get along?

5. During dinner, the ladies have a rocky start, but Kenya offers a truce and Phaedra finally agrees to have a private conversation with Kenya Moore. The girls all applaud the two women, laugh eat and examine each other’s booty’s.

Tune in next week to Bravo TV at 8pm to see if the girl’s can reign Nene into their circle of friends or will they still consider her the ‘cancer’ of the group?

Many people think that most ladies want to compete and tear each other down, but is it truly possible for women to let their guards down and come together?

-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)