The girls of Bravo’s Blood Sweat & HeelsMica, Daisy , Demetria, Geneva, and Melyssa–are back for their second season taking New York City by storm! In the first episode, we’re catching up with all the ladies and seeing what they’ve been up to lately.

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Geneva has moved from Harlem to Brooklyn, after her landlord didn’t renew her lease. She’s no longer writing for Uptown Magazine and is now working on her own writing, and being her own boss.

Mica is still crazy as ever.  Her & long time boyfriend, Terry, have broken up.  Things never fully worked out after finding out he was with someone else for 20 years. They tried to make it work, but he couldn’t prove himself.  She wishes him the best. She’s still working on her modeling company, “Mica Models.”


Melyssa is still doing real estate, but she can’t let go of her entertainment side, and doesn’t feel she should.  She’s written a musical comedy making fun of her own inner thoughts and video vixen experiences.  It has a very Carmen hip hopera feel.  She’s felt a way that Daisy hasn’t been to her past two events, so she’s hoping Daisy will be able to make it to the musical with the other girls.

Demetria has pulled back her second novel, Don’t Waste Your Pretty, to revamp it. She felt it wasn’t ready, and she should know, what with the success of her first novel A Belle in Brooklyn.  Besides revamping her book, she’s busy planning her wedding with her fiancee, Greg.

Daisy shares with Mica that she has cancer.  After her makeup artist noticed her eyes were green, she went to the doctor.  They  found complications with her liver, and found a tumor.  After removing it, they found more cancer cells, and she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.  Even going through chemotherapy, Daisy is such a fighter, continuing her career and searching for a TV deal to land.

The first episode was relatively demure and low on drama, but from the sneak peeks at other episodes, there’s more than enough coming.  Melyssa was angry with Daisy about missing events, but after speaking and finding out her situation, her anger quickly subsided.

The second season of Blood, Sweat, & Heels has a lot of entertainment in store for us. Two new cast mates are joining the show. We’ll get to see Demetria’s planning process and wedding. There’s also going to be an explosive fight with Melyssa and Geneva on a yacht.  We’ll find out if Mica and Demetria can ever kiss and make up.

Thanks, Andy, for bringing the ladies back.  Be sure to catch Blood, Sweat, & Heels every Sunday at 9 pm on Bravo.

— Amari Browne (@msdivanewz)