Do you ever take a hard look at your life and go, “What the f&%#?”

Houston-hailing producer and recording artist Stoppa (short for Sho Stoppa) just dropped a new video that will resonate with millennials everywhere whose grand vision of their potential poops on their actual life circumstances.
The sonic lovechild of Jadakiss’s “Why” and Kanye West’s “Spaceship,” this song highlights Stoppa’s lyrical prowess and personal history as a struggling artist determined to follow his passion despite daily obstacles. It’s a relatable perspective with a catchy hook that just may have you setting this track on repeat.
An up and coming emcee in the Southern rap scene, Stoppa says that he strives to spread positivity through living by his personal mantra: “Young, Successful, and Living,” or YSL for short. Download his mixtape the YSL Project and follow him on Twitter @StoppaOnline for more of his work.

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Check the video out below.