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That’s one way to make it the #BestDayEver…

Delivery guys are underpaid and undertipped, so leave it to the boss man Russell Simmons and the Brilliant Idiots (Charlamagne the God and Andrew Schultz) to change that for one lucky delivery man.


During a completely unscripted segment, All Def Digital teamed up with Chevrolet for the #BestDayEver campaign. Simmons ordered a pizza to the office, with the intention of making someone’s day one to remember. The unsuspecting delivery guy arrived, and Russell handed over a $300 tip! The man was nearly in tears; that moment was indeed one for the books.

“Needing nothing attracts everything.” – Russell Simmons

In the midst of promotion for his new album #TAANWale stopped by the podcast to share his #BestDayEver.

“Field day, things were so simple back then..”

Simple man, that Wale! Tweet us @TheSource and tell us about your #BestDayEver!

-Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)