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Nerds and Deadpool fans alike (if there’s even a difference at all) were likely headed to Fox Studios with axes and pitchforks when the news of the upcoming Deadpool film agreeing to a PG-13 rating hit the net. JoBlo reported this morning

Well, it’s official; Deadpool has succumbed to a PG-13 rating. A source at Fox has confirmed to us that the Ryan Reynolds led X-Men spinoff flick will indeed carry that all-encompassing PG-13, despite the outcry for a more hardcore R-rated take on the Merc with a Mouth.

The post turned out to be nothing more than a April Fools hoax. Since then, JoBlo posted the hilarious interview above between Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and Extra host Mario Lopez, along with the following message, “Yes, that’s right. No April Fools. No Bullsh*t. DEADPOOL is rated R. Now, let’s get a taco.” Reynolds simultaneously took to Twitter to announce the film’s official MPAA rating, release date, and other hilarity.




We won’t ruin the interview for you, but we will say be sure to watch it to the end.


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