Since the crash of flight 9525, there has been a lot of questions to what would cause the pilot, Andreas Lubitz to crash the plane on the French Alps. There has been  reports of Lubitz being depressed and suicidal at the time of the crash and not looking to find a way to cope with it. Before the crash, Lubitz had seen five doctors because he had feared that he would lose his pilot license because of his medical condition.

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Now there are reports that Lubitz could have researched ways to crash the plane. According to CNN, investigators went to Lubitz apartment and found some things that showed that Lubitz knew exactly what he was doing and planned it. Investigators looked on Lubitz tablet and found that between March 16- March 23rd, he researched methods of suicide. Lubitz tablet also showed information on cockpit doors.

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)


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