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Kenya is the latest school to be attacked by terrorists. Gunmen swarmed Garissa University College this morning and began attacking ” Christian Students”. According to witnesses, gunmen interrupted morning prayer at the school and began shooting and taking hostages. One witness claimed that the gunmen began going through the dorms and attacking any student who came their way. The gunmen attacked Christians and let Muslim students go.

50 students were freed while 79 had to be hospitalized. 70 people have been killed so far and 500 people have been rescued. The university has a total of 815 students and all staff have been accounted for. Nine hours after the attack on campus, people can hear heavy explosions. Kenya has already sent out a Most Wanted List for the gunmen responsible for the attacks. The man responsible for the attacks is named, Mohamed Mohamud. There is a 20 million shillings for his capture which would be $215,000 in US currency.

-Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)


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UPDATE: NBC is now reporting that 147 people are confirmed to be dead following attacks, and all four of the shooters are reported dead.