Yeezy and Dame’s flick receive some backlash.

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Over a month ago, it was revealed that Damon Dash and Kanye West have gone into business together once again after parting ways since the Roc-A-Fella split of 2005. This time to launch several films, with the first one being Loisadas, starring Murda Mook, Smoke DZA and slew of other MCs. The movie was released direct to consumer and is currently available online for purchase.

Barring Dash’s controversial appearance on The Breakfast Club, or the hilariously awkward Instagram video with the two, it seems that Mr. West and Dame might be in a bit of hot water since it was been revealed that they have been slapped with a lawsuit by a New York City based latin music group by the name of Loisadas, the same name as the the recently released flick.


Loisadas is a slang term for NYC’s Lower East Side, and was adopted as a name for the group since their inception back in 2008. According to TMZ, group member Michael Medina feels as though the film promotes violence, drug sales and murder, all of which tarnish their brand. Medina not only wants a judge to put a stop to the film’s availability but also wants to shake down West and Dash where it hurts most, their pockets.

Peep the trailer for the film above.

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