The perennial All-Star is reportedly “scared” to hang on the sideline

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The Knicks are…never mind. It’s not even worth it.

For those still keeping track of the drama, the latest installment in Carmelo Anthony‘s lost season saga is a bit of controversy regarding the vantage point from which he watches his team’s often futile efforts every other night. Since his season was truncated by injury a couple months ago, Melo hasn’t been scene rooting from the sideline, which has become low-hanging fruit for his detractors, but the NY Post has the real reason.


Coach Derek Fisher said he wasn’t sure of the reasons, but a Knicks official later said it was due to the fear of a hustling player crashing into the bench where Anthony might be sitting. Anthony’s surgery took place six weeks ago. It’s unclear if he will be on the bench by the time the season ends April 15.

Well, there you have it. Should one of his teammates offer a valiant effort and go crashing into his leg diving for a loose ball, Melo and the rest of the organization would just be devastated.