Congratulations are in order for one of our favorite comedians, Kim Coles who rececently got engaged at 53 years-old!

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The ‘Living Single’ actress shares her voyage to finding her true love.

“I want to tell you how he found me. I got real focused on what I wanted in my personal life and the type of man I wanted to spend my life with. I like to have this conversation around finding your GPS or engaging your GPS, your divine GPS…I’ve made it mean something completely different. Gratitude, passion and success… See last year, I got really focused on the destination I wanted to have in my personal life. And by being really focused with that and setting my destination in that place, I was able to be in alignment with the man who showed up and the man who said, ‘I’m there too and I want that too…’, I’m telling you I am beating every statistic. I am 53 years-old and we are not supposed to get married after what 20, 25, 30 maybe? Yeah… that’s not true. I don’t follow any of those rules. I’ve never thought any of those rules applied to me and those rules don’t apply to you either.”


There you have it ladies, it’s never too late to find yourself and your soulmate.

-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)