After 12-years one of the most iconic emcee’s, female emcee to be exact, MC Lyte is returning with her album LEGEND

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With careful analysis of the current situation of Hip Hop culture, we must consider what a MC Lyte LP means for the state of Hip Hop. What does this mean as far as empowerment for females in general? What can we expect from the “Paper Thin” rapper in the 2015 generation? As founder of, MC Lyte redefines the essence of women in music, strives for unity, and embodies empowerment with the album entitled “LEGEND”.

With the release of her first single after an 11-year-hiatus, “Dear John” featuring Common, and “10 Beats”, Lyte pens an open letter to OUR men about never giving up in the hard of times. Social responsibility has been top priority on the rapper’s list, and this track exemplifies the importance of combining music and positivity to move the culture in the right direction.


The Lyte has always been relatable and blunt about the women’s daily struggle, as she did back in ’88 on the classic Lyte As A Rock. Teaming up with the legend Faith Evans for “Last Time” on the new album, MC spits about not settling for less in a relationship. There are plenty of break up and make up songs, but this particular track encourages woman to be strong enough to throw in the towel. With the two powerhouses dishing it to us this way, ladies you have no choice but to listen!

The dynamics of this album are like no other. LEGEND is truly a pause in such a fast pace music industry, where the moment is one that demands your attention and appreciation. MC Lyte is the definition of Hip -Hop history and is the blue print for what females coming up in the game should attempt to replicate or even stand next to.

April 18th is the release of “LEGEND”. Get more information on how to purchase HERE.

-Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)

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