Plies took a visit to suplex city.

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Rapper Plies was in his home state of Florida last night (April 3) for the Tallahassee stop on his “Find Your” tour when things went haywire. While performing at the venue Club Coliseum, an unruly fan was being escorted out of the event by security, at this point Plies requested staff to not have him removed but instead bring him to the stage. As the two men exchanged words in front of the packed house, Plies told the man that he was standing a bit too close to him. This is when the fan channelled his inner Brock Lesnar, bear hugging Plies and suplexing him off the stage.

Several different videos have surfaced online showing the incident, as well as a clip of the beating the attacker took at the hands of club security. In less than 24 hours, the fallout has been swift. Sporting a swollen lip and with bruises all over his face, the fan uploaded a video giving his side of the story. He claims that he has always been and will continue to be a major Plies fan but felt publicly disrespected by the rapper on stage and reacted accordingly.


On the other hand, Plies took to his Instagram account to address the incident. In clips that were soon deleted, the rapper vehemently claimed that there was no security at the venue, despite video evidence to the contrary. Soon afterward, he seemed to be taking the whole thing in stride as he posted another clip seemingly mocking the entire incident.

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  • Patrice says:

    Damn Piles, that Niggah was already on a good one….
    You could tell by looking at him, be glad it was a suplex and not a gun or knife cause you could of got stuck real quick. Plus, your little ass needs to stop clowning folks and in his face… You live a charm life, know this…