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Global mass retailer Uniqlo has looked to internationally renowned institutions in the name of art and culture for inspiration to incorporate in their latest collaborations.

In light of the recent flagship store renovation, Uniqlo has added three more artists to their “SPRZ NY” line: Aleksandr Rodchenko, Sol Lewitt, and Robert Mapplethorpe. Since this collaboration is backed by the Museum of Modern Art, a select few of the prints will be of art held in the permanent collection. While the new additions will be sold for an undisclosed period of time, the core collection [Basquiat, Pollock, and Warhol] will remain in place.

If that wasn’t enough, the Museum of Modern Art is also sponsoring a “build it yourself” tee shirt bar in-store. Customers are able to upload their own picture, or use pre-provided material in order to create a custom tee shirt on the store’s iPad. The service and tee shirt are currently retailing for a shockingly low 19.99, which is a steal for a one-off custom print of this quality.


Along with fine art, the company has also dabbled in the realm of preforming arts. On March 23, Japanese production group Shochiku released a UNIQLO line inspired by the traditional Kabuki theatre drama. The pieces were meant to shine light on the heritage of the UNIQLO brand, as well as fashionably educate the world on the culture of Kabuki [Japanese theatre drama]. The collaboration features an extensive array of products, including tee shirts, shorts, totes, and scarves. Deep purple, cobalt blue, magenta, and gold prints abstractly characterize the unique aspects of Kabuki clothing and makeup. Visit the flagship store at 666 5th Avenue Saturday, April 4, for pictures in an original Kabuki kimono and to shop the new collections.