The second episode of Blood Sweat & Heels gave us the warm up to the drama that’s in store, and we can’t wait until it’s ready to come out the oven!

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Mica is a messy one! After breaking up five months ago, her and ex boyfriend Terry still hangout?! Not the typical norm for ex’s, but according to Mica she’s too nice and it’s a bad habit of hers. She confidently says that Terry still loves her. The real question is, does Mica still love Terry?! She’s planning to do pop-up fashion shows during fashion week called “Mica Pop Runway”. She’ll show up at locations and showcase a specific designer. Like a flash mob, but with fashion. I can’t wait to see this come together.

Geneva is still settling in and decorating her new Wall Street apartment. It’s small, but cute and it doesn’t hurt being surrounded by the money makers. She almost had to get “crunk on Wall Street” after the movers tried to keep her  furniture; it’s always something with her.  Geneva is working on the launch of her website, and also covering events for fashion week. She’s known for throwing shade, calling Melyssa’s musical “an off off-Broadway production.”  In her words, “There’s no shade in truth.” (Sips tea.)


Demetria is finishing her second novel, Don’t Waste Your Pretty. The publishing date is slowing approaching and she’s still revamping; hopefully she’ll be done before the deadline. Demetria and Mica had their first run-in while waiting for Melyssa’s play to start. The two haven’t seen or spoken to each other since their war with words in the Hamptons. Silence was golden; the ladies stood a few feet away and said nothing.  Totes awkward, yes, but you know the saying:  “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

Melyssa‘s musical For Vixens Who’ve Considered Homicide When the Video Was Too Much made its debut. Melyssa’s mom and aunt flew into see the show.  She was extremely nervous before the show, and the faulty theater didn’t help. Despite the lack of air in the theatre, lights cutting off, and the mother board blowing out, it came together. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it. Melyssa was able to share her inner thoughts from her video vixen days. During an interview with the Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, she shared she’s not knocking any girls that choose to be a video vixen, but it’s been 10 years since her last video, and she’s focused on real estate, amongst other things.

Daisy invited Mica to come along to her chemo treatment. The cancer is at stage 3 and the goal is to get it down. She’s waiting to see if the treatments are working. Watching Daisy go through her therapy was difficult; you can’t help but get emotional. Despite her situation, she’s optimistic and her faith is strong!  She wants to have a sit down with Demetria to figure out the problem between the two. Inquiring minds would like to know as well!

There were also some new faces.  Chantelle Fraser is an entrepreneur. She came to the Melyssa’s play with Geneva.  She became very friendly with Mica and Daisy during the after party. Geneva didn’t like that, and was throwing massive palm trees their way.  Arzo Anwar is a celebrity stylist and a long time friend of Melyssa, who shared they’re similar, but Arzo is a little crazy. Arzo was born in Afghanistan, but grew up in Cali.  She was very proud to share that her boyfriend was nine years her junior, and black! (Stella got her groove back!)  I can tell she’s going to be entertaining!

The new ladies are just what the group needs to spice things up, and hopefully end silly feuds, and start new ones!

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Amari B. ( msdivanewz )