GIANI NYC High Rollers Collection


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The brand that has brought you several collaborations with your favorite rappers (Pro.Era, Bodega Bamz, and more) is back with a collection of its own. The High Rollers set is composed of one hoodie and three long sleeves. The designs play off of the standard 52 card deck. What sets these pieces apart from any other that you think are similar is the details. The sleeve work is creative and nothing is as you perceive it to be, at first glance. The Giani logo gets a touch up as well to fit the theme. You can purchase the pieces at the Giani NYC website along with their other pieces.

Below is a short video lookbook that features Todd Johnson and is directed by @joe_daleo.


Bryan Hahn will gamble that the Jester shirt will sell out soon. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).