the Exhibit 1A Graffiti Art Gallery grand opening in Harlem this past weekend featured some of the graf game’s most revered vandals

This weekend, graffiti legend James TOP(The Odd Partners) and friends held an opening reception in Harlem for the opening of the Exhibit 1A Graffiti Art & Tattoo Gallery.

The Brooklyn-based international artist displayed some of his most famed pieces, while he celebrated being recognized by none other than The Source, as he was featured in this issue’s “Graf Page” entitled “The King James Version”.

Other legendary artists in attendance included KROOK, SECRET TSV, LAVA 1&2, SLAVE 1, SNAKE 1, TONY 164, JOEY BDS and many others. Check out the flicks from the event below.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

Photography credits: Christian Quinones (@Made4Kingz)