Rejoice!! The skit king is not only back, but will be releasing new material on HBO

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It wasn’t too long ago that Dave Chappelle made his comeback into the comedy world after the abrupt departure from his prime time Comedy Central show let alone the United States. Since returning, the comedian managed to sell out a 10-show engagement at the historic Radio City Music Hall which was record breaking. Providing the laughs and overall nostalgic feel we came to love from his early “Chappelle Show” days, the DC native was back and larger than ever and to solidify his comeback, the comedian is picking up where he left out and continuing the momentum.

The high-profile comedian filmed a comedy special at Austin’s ACL Live in Texas over the weekend and according to sources, the footage will be used for Chappelle’s upcoming special. There isn’t an exact date as to when the HBO special will air, but one thing is for sure, since his hit 2004 HBO special “For What It’s Worth”, his fans will not be disappointed.


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