Last night, part one of the Love and Hip Hop reunion aired, and it started off with a BANG.  Here’s a recap of what went down.

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1.  Erica Mena opted not to be their on stage, but did agree to be interviewed by executive producer Mona Scott Young one on one. When asked why she was not there, Erica said she is in a diffrent place now, and feels no need to give Rich, Cyn or Chrissy her time. Erica said  “Look where I’m at, and look at them.” While she didn’t say much about Rich, she did have harsh words for both Cyn and Chrissy. Erica let it be known that Cyn plays the “victim,” but was dating her now boyfriend while they were in a relationship. Erica also made it clear that she did not cheat on Cyn with Bow Wow and Erica and Bow Wow happened after they broke up. Erica’s choice words when speaking about Chrissy were that she is “worthless, used up, and too old to have kids.” Although Cyn admitted to not understanding how Erica was good to move on so quickly, she too has moved on. Cyn is in love with her boyfriend, who made an appearance on the finale and they both said while she was with Erica, they were just friends.

2. Jhonni Blaze definitely lives up to her name, because from the time she stepped on stage she was on fire. Jhonni spoke from the heart about being in love with Rich and says she  still is to this day. Rich said his goal was never anything more than getting her career off the ground, so no love lost for him. Jhonni spoke on Rich messing with Diamond, and called her every name in the book, and tried to fight her but security escorted her off stage.


3. Mendeeces and his son’s mother Samantha spoke on the situation between them involving little Mendeeces. Mendeeces’ mother, Judy, and Samantha’s mother, Kim, were also in attendance at the reunion. Samantha cleared her name, and let it be known that she is not a dead beat, and is very much involved in her son’s life. Kim is still waiting on Judy to pay her dry cleaning bill for throwing the drink on her suit lol.

4. Chrissy and Chinx spoke briefly on their relationship, and Chinx said he does plan to get a divorce eventually. When asked where do him and Chrissy stand today, he said they are in a weird place, because he still loves her, and will always have love for her, since they were friends first.

5. Diamond Strawberry had to sit in the hot seat, and relive all her promiscuous behavior, not to mention lying about having a child. The million dollar question was why Diamond referred to her daughter as a dog?!  Another burning questions we had was what really went down in the bathroom between her and Rich?! Diamond and Cisco’s mothers joined them on stage, and threw in their two cents. Cisco’s mother said she didn’t understand what kind of mother would let their child to move with a man she barely knew. Diamond’s mother let it be known that nobody was going to disrespect her daughter while she was there, and she felt Cisco was way to old for her.

The show stopped with Cisco and Diamond, and will continue on next Monday at 8pm, where allegedly Jhonni Blaze and Diamond’s mother get into a fight. Be sure to check out our recap next week to see what transpired during part two of the reunion!


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