The death of a man shot and burned by N.O. police officers following Hurricane Katrina was newly classified as a homicide by the coroner

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New Orleans resident Henry Glover, was shot outside a strip mall being guarded by police four days after levee failures during Hurricane Katrina led to catastrophic flooding that covered 80 percent of the city in water. Glover’s body was burned by one police officer after another officer shot him on Sept. 2, 2005.

This action today reflects my medical opinion, based upon the totality of the evidence, that the death of Henry Glover was due to the actions of another person.”
-Coroner Jeffrey Rouse

Coroner Rouse says that the classification, one which his predecessor had declined to make, was based on a review of all available evidence and a review of court transcripts.


Lt. Travis McCabe was convicted of writing a false police report about the incident and lying to federal investigators. Officer Greg McRae was convicted of burning Henry Glover’s body in a car. The jury also convicted former officer David Warren for shooting Glover, finding he was responsible for the man’s death and that he committed manslaughter.

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