The Young Thug/Tha Carter saga continues

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Some time ago, Young Thug announced that his new album would be called Carter 6, and the entire internet simultaneously broke out into fits of laughter. At the time, the idea was nonsensical. Lil Wayne was the clear–and successful–proprietary of the Tha Carter franchise (which turns 11 years old in June), and Young Thug’s real name isn’t even Carter. It’s Jeffrey Williams. The only way the album title made any sense, is if Thug ran with the rampant comparisons that were being drawn between him and Lil Wayne, only made stronger by their collaborative track, “Take Kare.”

Since then, one would assume that Young Thug and Lil Wayne’s relationship isn’t where it was when they made “Take Kare.” Birdman, who has taken Thug under his wing–and danced in almost all of his music videos–is currently in the midst of a feud that has Weezy suing him for $51 million dollars, and shouting “F*ck Cash Money,” the only label he’s ever been on, on stage at shows. Hip-Hop’s most precious bro-mance is currently up in flames, and Thug, who’s every movement suggests that he is to Birdman now what Lil Wayne was to Birdman 15 years ago, seems to have no problem assuming Wayne’s position.


Today, in an interview with Complex, the woman who shot the controversial image used on Thug’s Carter 6 cover, Sandy Kim, revealed some of the details of the shoot, which involved her having to get naked to help Thug feel comfortable with the idea. Read an excerpt below.

Carter 6 is expected on April 17.

Tell me how you and Thug came to work together. Was the concept for the cover his, or yours?
Young Thug had an idea for the concept and he also wanted someone young and new to shoot his cover. His team reached out to me and I said of course. I’m a huge fan of his music and he’s definitely pushing boundaries in rap musically and aesthetically. I wouldn’t have done it if our visions didn’t line up and he wasn’t down for the type of asthetic I normally bring to my work. When I got to the set he and his team had ideas, I brought some of my own ideas to the table. I asked him if he would be down to get naked and he was like “Fuck no, I’m not getting naked, you get naked!” Artists should totally be down to commit to the vision they’re asking for, so I got naked and then we shot it. The experience was great, his team was shooting dice on set.

So to confirm: he is nude on the cover?
Yeah, mostly.

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