In our new issue of The Source Magazine, journalist Courtney Brown tackles a topic that is not normally discussed in mainstream media.

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We’ve all heard of liposuction, butt injections and butt shots–but those techniques are a thing of the past.

Women (and some men) everywhere are receiving fat transfers which can be performed by a cosmetic surgeon—while you are awake. We’ve seen many of our favorite celebs miraculously trim down in the waist area while gaining bigger bottoms. K. Michelle was one of the first to show this procedure on her VH1 show ‘My Life’. During one scene, the R&B singer is complaining about her fat while munching on potato chips at the gym. After a quick visit to Dr. Ayman Shahine in NYC, she’s camera ready with a tiny waist and perfectly round bottom for her album photoshoot.


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Here’s an excerpt from the explosive story, ‘Team Natural Vs. Team Transfer’, pick up issue #265 with covermen Ludacris and Malcolm X for more on the rising trend!

In previous years, tabloids questioned who did or didn’t have the infamous butt shots, injections or implants.The most recent trend in cosmetic surgery is liposculpture, liposculpting, fat transfer or butt transfer which all consists of removing your own fat cells and in many cases transferring them to new areas such as the face or buttocks. Noticeably gaining popularity, women who struggle with lower stomach fat and ‘love handles,’ can receive liposculpting to achieve the look they’ve always wanted. In some cases, a woman can give birth receive liposuction and weeks later boast of her new body that miraculously ‘snapped back’.

Will this eliminate the amount of women who choose to eat healthy and work out or will we see more ‘coke bottle’ shapes appear overnight?

-CourtneyBrown (@CourtneyBrown)