Thugger takes to Instagram to clear the air

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Last year’s rumblings that Young Thug planned to name his new album Carter 6 became full-fledged outrage a couple weeks ago when Thug’s label, 300, confirmed the forthcoming project’s title and release date via Twitter.

Since then, there’s been rampant debate as to whether or not Thug is violating an unwritten rule of artistic integrity, and many have taken to comparing this current instance to 2002, when Lil Wayne released his 500 Degreez album, inspired by his Cash Money Records labelmate Juvenile’s 1998 release, 400 Degreez.


During a recent club appearance, while on stage, Lil Wayne–who’s had such a difficult time getting his new album, Tha Carter V, released by Cash Money, he’s suing Birdman for upwards of $50 million–sent a message to his audience, telling them he’d like them to “stop listening to songs by n****s that pose naked on their motherf*****g album cover,” an obvious reference to Young Thug’s controversial Carter 6 artwork.

A short while ago on Instagram, Young Thug–who by now has caught wind of Weezy’s gripe–gave his take on the drama surrounding him and his “idol.” Watch the clip here.

I understand that Lil Wayne is frustrated about his career, and I feel him on that. But this is my idol. I would never in my life swap words with him or beef with him about nothing. This is the person that I look up to.

It’s a classy gesture on behalf of Thug, but chances are that does little to ease the tension brewing between his camp, and Wayne’s.