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Barriers were broken in Brooklyn in this day 68 years ago.

On April. 10, 1947 the game of baseball was changed forever as major lengths were taken for one man to breakdown barriers through the power of sports. Former Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey did the impossible and signed Georgia’s own Jackie Robinson to play shortstop for the historic franchise. 5 days later, Jackie became the first African American to compete in the Major Leagues. Having to deal with segregation and racial discrimination, Robinson made Rickey look like a talent scout genius as he was able to win the inaugural Rookie Of The Year award.

The signing played such a vital role to African American culture and American culture because it introduces the trend of discovering talented black athletes that were playing in minor leagues nationwide. By Jackie signing this contract on this day, the emphasis of discrimination and inequality have slowly came to an end as the power of sports were able to bring each individual together no matter what race or class you belong to. Thanks to this historical day, the MLB honors the legendary ballplayer by declaring April 15 as Jackie Robinson Day. On this day, MLB players honor the great by wearing his legendary #42 number to pay homage.

Omari White


When Omari is not lighting it up from three point land at your local gym, he is on twitter talking about music, life and sports. Go follow him (@SmooveGuyO) and check his timeline out.