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Tyler’s just having fun with it

Tyler, The Creator is having the best week ever, and he brought some of his contagious, jovial energy to the Coachella stage last night, and though he admitted he wasn’t quite on top of his game, the crowd gobbled him up nonetheless.


In between songs–during his set, Tyler performed both of his new songs “Deathcamp” and “F*****g Young” for the first time–Tyler took a moment to show appreciation for the general admission crowd, and shrugged off the media and VIP attendees, calling them “boring.” Among the VIP guests was Kendall Jenner, one of Tyler’s good friends, and they had a nice little back-and-forth.

Tyler: I see Kendall Jenner here making cut…sh*t. Hey Kendall. Kendall. Over here to your right. F*ck you.

Kendall: *thrusts middle finger in the air*.

Tyler’s new album, Cherry Bomb, which will feature Kanye West, Lil Wayne and more, is out tomorrow.

kendall coach

They’re so cute at that age.

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